Philips Zoom! Whitening

See the difference Philips Zoom! teeth whitening can make

Philips Zoom! Whitening

What are my options for home teeth whitening?

Convenience means different things to different people, so we have 2 styles of home whitening that can brighten your smile. Each teeth whitening kit has a different strength formula, which your dentist will advise you on. All of our whitening treatments are designed to whiten your teeth with little to no sensitivity.

Option 1: Philips Zoom! DayWhite

At home
30 minutes 2x a day for 2 weeks

DayWhite is perfect if you want to wear trays for as short a time as possible during the day. You wear trays for 30 to 90 minutes, for results in as little as 2 weeks.

Option 2: Philips Zoom! NiteWhite

At home
4-6 hours Every night for 1-2 weeks

NiteWhite lets you whiten overnight as you sleep and is ideal if you’d rather wear trays at night. Available in different strengths, NiteWhite also gives noticeable results in 2 weeks.

Why choose a Philips take-home whitening kit?
Philips Zoom! home teeth whitening kits are a safe and convenient way to get your smile noticeably whiter in one to two weeks. You’ll get professional, affordable results with little to no sensitivity.You apply our take-home whitening kits yourself, meaning you can get whiter teeth when and where you want.

What’s the process?
To ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience, all our home teeth whitening treatments start with a consultation with your dentist. They will prescribe the best whitening kit for your teeth, and answer any questions you may have. Then you’ll be fully armed with the knowledge to safely and effectively whiten your smile at home.
Will it hurt?
Some sensitivity is normal however this can be reduced dramatically with the addition of desensitizing agents. Zoom! take home gels have a unique desensitizer known as ACP that is shown to reduce sensitivity without compromising on result. Twice as many users/patients reported no sensitivity when using NiteWhite ACP versus whitening without ACP.

How do I whiten my teeth?

Using home teeth whitening tray


DayWhite and NiteWhite home teeth whitening kits are both applied in the same way.


When you’re ready to whiten your teeth, brush well to remove plaque, then complete these easy stages:


1:Put a teardrop size of tooth whitening gel into each impression in your trays.


2:Gently place the trays over your teeth.


3;When the prescribed time for your formulation is up, take out your trays and give them a good clean with cold water.


4:Brush your teeth and enjoy a whiter smile.


Every take-home formula is made of a unique blend of ingredients that helps protect enamel and reduces sensitivity. Just one more thing to smile about!


Philips Zoom! DayWhite and NiteWhite

Our best teeth whitening treatments to fit into your day-to-day schedule

Average price is £250 – £350 (Pricing is at the discretion of your dental professional)

What’s included in your take home kit?

•  Spa bag

•  Custom made trays

•  Case for trays

•  Whitening gels and 6 syringes for up to two weeks of whitening and further top-ups